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The /Me Endpoint

A special endpoint is available at /scim/v2/Me that acts as an alias for the currently authenticated user; i.e., the user associated with the bearer token.

For example, if the currently authenticated user is available via the path /scim/v2/Users/25d0af58-a93b-4ba4-a49c-ab0fe35783c4, then the same user resource will also be available via /scim/v2/Me. The two paths are interchangeable, and the /Me endpoint can be substituted in any request path where the combination of resource type and identifier might otherwise be used.

This includes sub-resources. For example, for an authenticated user with the ID ‘25d0af58-a93b-4ba4-a49c-ab0fe35783c4’, the paths /scim/v2/Users/25d0af58-a93b-4ba4-a49c-ab0fe35783c4/password and /scim/v2/Me/password both identify the user’s password sub-resource.