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In this section, we’ll take a detailed look at the concepts that undergird the Data Governance Broker’s authentication system.

  • Authentication and authorization: An introduction to authentication and authorization with the OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect protocols.
  • JWT: An introduction to using JWTs with the Data Governance Broker.
  • Access tokens and ID tokens: About access tokens and ID tokens, including how to validate them.
  • Scopes: How OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect scopes work with the Data Governance Broker, including how to configure them.
  • Sessions: How Data Governance Broker user sessions work and how to integrate the Data Governance Broker with your application's session management.
  • Influencing authentication: How to use OpenID Connect to influence the Data Governance Broker's authentication behavior.
  • Multi-factor authentication: Multi-factor authentication with the Data Governance Broker.